Monday, August 25, 2008

How do you get sales people to produce

Treat them with respect and give them generous helpings of dignity on giant silver platters. No one else they talk to during the day does this for them. At the very least they deserve this from their employer.

As it turns out if you, the employer, can swallow your ego and bone deep urge to control others and lift your sales people up (even the one's that don't deserve it) you will attract the brightest and the best sales people in your community. Here's another secret you will pay them less than you think and they will work harder than you can imagine. I typically characterize this by saying they will walk through fire for you.

The reason for their commitment is that no one treats sales people with respect and dignity. NO ONE. When you do they know it, value it and appreciate being respected and dignified at work more than you can imagine.

That's the secret. Treat your sales people with respect and dignity. Then watch them work their butts off. By the way, this works with all people in all jobs just the same. That'll be $5,000 for my consulting fee.

Thanks for reading.

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