Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Horn tooting allowed, it's my f/#@%ing blog

I've written recently about the difficult economy and the impact on our home values. Of course this has impacted our businesses as well. I don't know many people who are not struggling mightily to sell the same amount of product this year as last. I am proud to announce that I can personally claim and document improved sales at our company year over year as of July. No I did not sell my soul to the least not for this result. But if you have a ski-in, ski-out chalet near the gondola in Vail to trade I'll give it some thought.

In fact, based on our July YTD numbers all the graphs I use to track our progress are going in the right direction. This is a rare occurrence indeed. There are always one or two out of the 8 that are going the wrong way. Sales are up but commission expense is up more or God forbid sales are down and commissions are up, stuff like that. You know the game. But this July is different. Sales revenue and rep productivity are up and costs are down. We're a little short of a totally impossible, alcohol induced, altered universe, delusional CEO budget, which I don't count, but all things considered we're in very good shape.

Now if I only worked for a guy who understood what a phenomenal achievement this is. Well, at least we know. You'll see my adds on, genus sales guy available, unreasonable rates, impossible demands, incredible results. Call me we'll talk. 1-800-NOW-SOLD. I bet somebody really has that number. It would be fun to call. Probably some down on their luck real estate agent in Vegas whose ready to drive his Ferrari off a cliff.

It's fun to be so friggin good.

Thanks for reading.

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Jenni.mystery said...

In my world, no one is suffering but the massage therapists. Grrr. When the economy is so maddening, yes...a massage might be a luxury, but it's the time to relax and unwind. Gather your thoughts while I gather your all your knots and toss them aside. But'd rather have a nice manicure when you reach into your wallet to discover you're broke.