Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting fired 1

So what do you do the day after you get fired? Pretty easy I think, whatever you feel like doing. I can't think of another day were it is more important to do what ever you feel like doing. Why not? Clearly there were few or no plans on the schedule for the day that are not work related. So the termination has just created an uncomfortable level of free time.

Here is what I have done in the first 4.5 hours. Emailed and talked to my former employer trying to locate a small brief case I left behind. It looks like one of the vultures picking over my old office may have absconded with it. Sent and email to the VP of HR requesting clarification on a verbal commitment that was made in my termination meeting that is not supported in the document. Maybe another instance of the CEO writing checks that can't be cashed. I wiped out my business to-do list of 122 items on my web based task list. That felt pretty good. I removed my work email account from my I phone. That was a near orgasmic experience. Note that I said near orgasmic because I have been trying to limit those experiences only to when my lover is in the room with me. I made myself some eggs for breakfast. Dressed to go swimming (haven't left yet to do that but I'm ready) at the health club. Took a call from my unemployed attorney cousin and commiserated about the plight of the 50ish unemployed and how we don't want to work for corporate assholes anymore. Did a blog post of an email I sent to my daughters last night.

Last but not least I was able to deduce a simple reason why I was terminated. I think it is important to distill this down to an elevator speech. Meaning a few lines that could be told to a person during a short elevator ride and they would understand the situation. The is a sales concept. Here is mine.

My primary motivation in business is to treat all people with dignity and respect. This unleashes the creative power and energy in every individual who chooses to use this power. This in turn multiplies the power of the organization many fold. This is the key ingredient in building a successful long-term business. The people I worked for shared none of these values and principles and neither one of us wanted to compromise. Enough said.

That's done and probably a very large accomplishment. Perhaps I deserve to take the rest of the day off after that one.

Last but not least did this blog post.

Thanks for reading.


It's over, thank God

I sent this out to my daughters yesterday. It's self explanatory.


First I love you both more than either of you can perceive. I want you to know that today I was fired for the first time in my almost 57 years. This tells me that the guy doing the firing has the problem not me. When I graduated from college and started in business I dedicated myself to being fair, reasonable and ethical in all my business dealing in my life. I have never strayed from this thinking and it is the reason for my success to date. My pain over the past 3 years has not been because of the workload or the complexity or the challenges that were presented. It was the lack or moral, ethical, reasonable and fair thinking and actions on the part of my superiors. I took a stand for fairness and a business philosophy that dictates that we treat people with respect and dignity. I didn’t fit so I am no longer part of that organization much to my relief.

I take the level of regret expressed in my termination meeting and generosity of my severance package as a validation of my convictions. In short, they admitted that they just can’t do it but they respect my values. Their greed and ego driven decisions and behavior do not allow them to take the high road. I took the high road that empowers people and leads to real substantive success and sustainable results. I will always choose this route the future. It has always served me well and will in the future. This thinking is becoming more unique but it is never out of fashion.

Keep this in mind. It’s not easy but it works. I have no regrets. I’ll take on my next challenge in the very same way. Don’t worry about me I learned a lot here that will serve me well in the future. I’m resourceful just as the two of you are. Can’t wait for Christmas.

I love you both,