Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm back

Sorry for the absence. I have become obsessed with with the subject matter in the last post. There are few things in life more engaging than a serious intellectual challenge. If that challenge includes the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others it is all the more engaging and motivating for me. I have been obsessed with my mission to change my environment and make all the stakeholders winners. Me included.

In my time away I have proven my case that the negative sales culture in my company is costing us $1 million dollars a year in lost sales. This is the result of high turnover and the lack of experience in our sales force. As is true in most professional sales environments it take three years to bring a sales person to full maturity in selling our product. We lose too many people at the 10 to 14 month point. As soon as they understand the job, the pay plan, the product and the environment too many good people chose to leave.

I won. Now the ball is in my court to deliver on my assessment and more importantly my ideals. Change the culture, move us forward, accept the risk, create the reward. I'm there, let's go. Life is going to get better for a lot of people. Done deal.

Thanks for reading, thanks for waiting. Much more to come on this subject.


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Anonymous said...

Good job. All will be better for this. Keep up the good work.
Sorry for not answering for a bit. I have been gone.