Tuesday, May 13, 2008

UFO aduction and safe return

After lunch yesterday I was unable to speak, walk in a straight line or drive my car for 10 full minutes. I was crippled as my brain struggled to make sense of the disjointed conversation peppered with vehement opinions, backed-up with fervent miss conceptions, pressed forward confidently with hubris and authority empowered by a title and tight relationships with rich and powerful people. If they only knew. Maybe they do...let's not go there. No I did not have lunch with Al Gore.

My brain had turned into an overloaded PC with a virus sucking up all the system resources. There was no system capacity left to carryout anything but the most basic functions. Thank God bladder control was one of them my car is fairly new and I didn't pop for the leather seats.

I felt like I had spent time in an alien space ship hovering over our office building. The aliens had told me how the earth really works from their perspective on their planet a million light years away. Which of course is completely different than we earthlings see our world as we walk upon it. Then suddenly I was dropped back into reality and had to rationalize my trip into the twilight zone. It took some time to recover and try to make sense of it all. In the end the only way to make sense of it was to understand it didn't make sense and it never will.

Did I mention who I had lunch with? No. But we all have people like this in our lives. It's best to just stick to your game and roll with the dynamic ambiguity.

Thanks for reading.

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