Saturday, May 3, 2008

Video Camera

Have any of you noticed how cheap some of the new HD camcorders are today. You can buy a very small HD video recorder at Target for $130.00. They look like really nice little machines. I think the reason they are so cheap is that you have to buy SD cards to store the data. It looks like 1Gig of SD will store 30 minutes of video. A 2Gig SD card is about $20.00 at Radio Shack. I just learned I have an SD slot on my computer so I can plug a card right in and watch my video on my computer. Seems pretty cool to me.

I read the reviews on this one and most of them were so good they make me think if George Bush had one of these his approval rating would be much higher now. Others weren't so good. These were from people who didn't really understand the technology. Their expectations weren't exactly in line with the design of the product. Something tells me you shouldn't take this thing snorkeling or duct tape it to your son's football helmet for the "big" game or assume it will record images in a pitch black basement right before the lights come on and everyone yells SUPRISE!!?? I can't say I blame the retailer for not giving a refund in these cases.

I'll probably hold off a little while longer on buying one of these things. Do I really need video pictures of my dog laying on the couch night after night? I've also been informed the only recording devices that are welcome in our bedroom are attached directly to the cable outlet and lead directly to the TV. Like using a camcorder in the bedroom was ever, ever, ever on my list of intended uses .... at least with me in the picture it wasn't.

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