Sunday, May 24, 2009

I haven't posted since November of 2008. It really wasn't helping and my blog contributes to the never has so much been written by so many and read by so few factoid. I decided not to add to the excess inventory until I had something more to say.

The angry mid 50's guy is still here but he has finally realized that the advice about working conditions given by so many is correct and inescapable. We can tolerate petty differences and annoyances in our jobs. However, we cannot tolerate radical differences in philosophy, values, vision or moral standards. I'll add one more. Those who have values, ethics, vision and a sense of mission cannot tolerate those who have none. There are many who have none and I found one.

Here is my mistake. I thought since there were no values I could instill some. Nope, there's a reason there aren't any there, they aren't required. The mission, vision, values for our company are, and I quote, "More money now, give me MORE money NOW". Yep, hard to believe but someone said that out loud and was dead serious.

This created one of those moments when I wished I had had my (already written) letter of resignation with me and was glad I had left it in my briefcase. But, nothing could have provided more clarification of my situation and the need to move on.

Unknowingly my despised boss has provided the final motivation to find something else to do. There is no turning back now.

Here is the fun part. I have an exceedingly wealthy friend who has been hounding me to go find a business to buy with his personal commitment to help me acquire it. Done deal. There are many unknowns in this goal but one that is not part of this deal is a difference in vision, mission and values. I am thankful for this. I'm not sure how this will workout now but I have promised my self it is going to happen.

Our tyrants teach us the most. I wish I could be more thankful.

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