Tuesday, June 9, 2009


If anyone ever tells you to exit any situation you find yourself in where you do not share common values and philosophies with the people around you listen. THEY ARE RIGHT. Within two weeks of my arrival in Florida for my new job I knew I had made a mistake. But I was here I had purchased a home and was personally committed to applying my skills and experience to better the the organization I had joined. Unfortunately, we were working against each other from the very beginning.

At first is was a polite exchange of ideas and a measured level of latitude. A progressive breakdown in our patients for each other has led to veiled contempt that feels like a war where every one's gun has a silencer. I keep getting hit but I can't hear the shots. They are either not there or I just can't hear them anymore but the the pain of impact is getting worse.

The people who interviewed me knew the truth and they gave me hints. But, in their frustration with the CEO they hoped I was strong enough to save them by changing the culture. They knew it was dysfunctional and they needed relief and I might bring it. It was an impossible dream but I bought in. Unfortunately, when you are dealing with a corporate suicide bomber there is no chance for victory only humiliation and defeat. He has nothing to lose when he has no guiding principles or values. The only thing that matters is winning and being the smartest guy in the room. Enron comes to mind.

Our path in life is one of learning and experience. It is the journey that counts in our animated form we are never on a path to a destination. So soon I will be taking the next steps in my journey better equipped to face the next challenge. I understand this better now and I am thankful for that.

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