Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here we go again

I've been absent for a while with not much to say. A lot of the energy for my cause took a little time off. The angry well employed white guy took a little hiatus. I've been trying to balance things out and go with the flow. It just doesn't work for me all the tension is sitting just below the surface ready to erupt at the slightest provocation. I just can't get comfortable sitting back and doing the wrong thing and pretending it is just part of the game. I really don't see it as a game. I see it as life and we have a contribution to make based on our unique talents and skills. Getting comfortable with doing the wrong thing means I am squandering my talent and diluting the contribution I am here to make in this short life.

The edginess that accompanies this mindset is still there and it's not going away maybe ever. I once had someone tell me that if you wanted to find a sales guy who is happy with his results go find one that is retired. That's probably me. But I am sure I will replace my professional crusade with a personal one that is just as critical and worthy of total dedication.

My dad taught me above all things to have integrity and do the right thing. I wish more people would do the same thing. The world would be a better place.

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