Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hammer time

Keep the facts handy folks you never know when you're gonna get the chance to hit someone over the head with em.

I don't care who you are that there's fun!!

Yes indeed it was a good day today. The best part is she never saw it coming. The pure, honest, indisputable facts crushing long held and deeply ingrained false beliefs was greeted by a silent acknowledgment of the clearly apparent truth.

My delight is sourced in the fact that these miss conceptions have had a negative impact on some important people in our company for far too long. My pride and delight swell from the prospect that my intervention may result in these dedicated leaders being treated with more respected in the future. They deserve it.

Keep your facts handy folks you never know when you might need help somebody.

This message brought to you by Lester the made-up numbers and false belief avenger.

Thanks for reading.

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